זרעים - بذور

The multi-cultural program for Anthroposophy studies and Waldorf education

Seeds - بذور‎ - זרעים

Seeds "Boudur" is a grassroots initiative dedicated to the empowerment of Arab women, as a means of creating a genuine sustainable impact on the welfare and future of marginalized Arab communities in Israel.

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Seeds operates a bilingual and multi-cultural (Arab-Jewish) seminar for anthroposophy studies and Waldorf education for women. We harness “Human Knowledge” to shape the leaders of tomorrow. The Seminar provides a safe and inclusive environment where change-oriented women, Arab and Jewish alike, can get together, learn, exchange ideas, and build meaningful friendships to function as translucent bridges between the cultures.

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The end goal of the initiative is to harness these women’s skills and determination together with Seeds’ groundbreaking educational approach. To enable them to become agents of change, creating a positive lasting impact on the lives and minds of as many children and families as possible. This way, we hope to create, for the first time within the Arab society, a real chance for equality and social mobility on a large scale.

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Born to a Bedouin-Muslim family in Lod, Ulfat is a passionate social activist dedicated to create a more equal society and improve the overall state of Arab woman.


Born in New-York and raised in Tel- Aviv, Noa is a prominent artist and recipient of the prestigious Rhodes Merit Scholarship for both her BA and MA studies. Noa has dedicated herself to the study of anthroposophy and Waldorf education which she believes is fundamental for peaceful future co-existence.

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